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Will Edison's Legacy Fade to Black?
You may have heard an interesting rumor at the water cooler - architects, interior designers and homeowners are buzzing at the suggestion that Edison's incandescent bulb is being banned. In truth, the recently enacted Energy Independence and Security Act includes provisions that are slightly more complex than an outright ban, and pave the way for changes that will ultimately encourage the lighting industry's progress toward increased energy efficiency.

The new legislation restricts the manufacture and import of incandescent bulbs beginning in 2012. This doesn't mean that incandescent bulbs will disappear. Instead, the regulation is designed to make bulbs more energy-efficient. Below are some highlights of the new legislation:

What is being "banned"?
The Act specifically targets "general service incandescent" bulbs. A general service bulb includes the following attributes: it is an incandescent or halogen bulb designed for general applications, has a medium screw base, emits 40W to 100W and operates between 110V and 130V.

When are they being "banned"?
The limits will occur in phases: in 2012, 100W bulbs can no longer be manufactured or imported; in 2013, 75W bulbs will be similarly restricted and in 2014, 60W and 40W bulbs will be restricted.  

What will the "banned" bulbs be replaced with?
Halogen bulbs will largely replace incandescent bulbs, and must have a minimum rated lifetime of 1,000 hours and a minimum Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 80 in most cases. Fluorescent bulbs are also an alternative, as they typically use 75% fewer watts. More specifically, the amount of light produced with today's:

  • 100W bulb must be produced by 2012 with a bulb that consumes no more than 72 watts
  • 75W bulb must be produced by 2013 with a bulb that consumes no more than 53 watts
  • 60W bulb must be produced by 2014 with a bulb that consumes no more than 43 watts
  • 40W bulb must be produced by 2014 with a bulb that consumes no more than 29 watts

Since the first restrictions take effect several years from now, we are confident that lighting technology will continue to evolve towards increased energy efficiency. In fact, there are bulbs on the market today that meet all of these new guidelines, such as the Philips Halogená® Energy Advantage line. If you would like to learn more about energy-efficient lighting in your home, contact us at or 317-815-0211.

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